1: List: All the shit I picked up

This list was one of the first that I wrote. I used the directive example and listed things I do that I feel help the community:

  •   Volunteering with C.H.A.T.
  •  Cleaning up Hell Block
  • Volunteering with Green Unity
  • Sharing the road with cyclists
  • Yielding to pedestrians
  • Recycling
  • Growing plants
  • Riding my bike
  • Walking to places
  • Picking up trash
  • Tipping well
  • Holding the door
  • Buying local and organic when I can
  • Asking questions
  • Smiling at strangers
  • Participating in community events

This list consists of things that are in one way or another helping the world around us (including the people and ecosystem) thrive in a more efficient and kind manner. I wanted to express one of them, which is cleaning up hell block. Hell block is a section of Grace Street right near the VCU campus that is notorious for the parties and shenanigans that go on within its boundaries. It starts on Ryland and continues until Lombardy. Green Unity, an environmental awareness group for students periodically cleans up after the numerous activities litter its grounds. A list that branched from that was what I found this last weekend on Hell Block. So basically it is a list of items that are no longer a threat to bare feet or the front yards and soil of the street.

Stuff I picked up on Hell Block:

  • Billions of broken pieces of glass
  • Lots of plastic cups
  • Fountain drink cups
  • Crushed cans
  • Cans with beer and soda still in them
  • Broken bottles of beer
  • Bottles with beer left in them
  • Liquor bottles
  • Tiny Ziploc baggies for drugs or tiny things
  • So many cigarettes
  • Listerine bottle
  • 1000 grand wrapper
  • ticket stubs
  • box spring
  • mattress
  • pizza box
  • brochures
  • junk mail
  • newspaper
  • peoples real mail
  • paper bags
  • plastic bags
  • milk carton
  • nails
  • taco bell bag
  • part of a wig
  • juice box
  • Snapple bottle
  • Tuperware container
  • Zipties
  • Rope
  • Price tags
  • Stickers
  • Viagra pill
  • Chains
  • Sea shell
  • 2 liter bottles
  • matches
  • water bottles
  • coffee cups
  • chapstick
  • frozen dinner boxes
  • bbq sauce packet
  • jimmy johns business cards
  • soup caps
  • apple sauce containers
  • moldy loaf of bread
  • foil
  • gum wrappers
  • pen

Here are a few pictures from that day:




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