5: Comfort Zone

When brainstorming for the Comfort Zone directive I started with thinking of the most obvious ways I have gotten out of my comfort zone. These things are like big events and generally happen few and far between making them almost easier to go through with then the little everyday opportunities to explore. The fresh examples in my head all were set in Asia this summer. Most of the time I found myself as a person I never knew existed. I was present in an entirely new sense of the word. The entire country was out of my comfort zone but I knew I would be wandering around it for a month so I might as well throw the tension out the window and roll. (pun intended) 

The people I met and ended up traveling with were all coming from different places. We bonded over how bizarre and disorienting the new land was and we found comfort in our loss of direction.  We formed a community quickly over the togetherness of creating our very own comfort zone with each other as well as lending each other all of the kindness needed to let someone be totally weird. 

S0 as I was getting all of the words and thoughts tied into this on paper I realized one fact of life: 



(it’s a kind thing to do)

When we encourage one person to do something out of their comfort zone we have to rationalize to them that it is going to be okay, it is going to be beneficial to them and it is going to feel good. It is also much easier to explain this to someone if they feel like you are being kind enough that they can be vulnerable and do the deed (whatever it may be). In the process of trying to equip another human to act against their own comfortable grain, we better equip ourselves to give our own risks a try. 

I wrote letters to some of my distant friends thanking them for the moments they helped me lose myself long enough to find myself in a new light. The process of reflecting on those times showed me the potential I have to do things that scare me… reminding me of how stretchy my comfort zone really is. (many thanks to those that talked me off a ledge)Image 











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