6: Comfort Zone

I work as a belayer out at a summer camp during the off seasons and belay at an alpine tower. Little kids have family style campouts and one optional activity is that they harness up and climb. As a belayer my job is to keep them safe however, a lot more goes into the job than just the pulley. When kids choose my course they can have a hard time making it all the way up without having a few minor (or major) panic attacks. This is ALL ABOUT THEIR  COMFORT ZONE.

What I witness every time is how the parents try to push their children out of their comfort zones. Either they have compassion and kindness for them (this generally works) or they are complete assholes (the kid gets scared and comes down). A week ago I heard a father telling his scared son (about 9 years old) not to be an empty tube of toothpaste and being scared was immature. The environment for trying new things is more successful when the parties involved try to be kind and understanding. Image



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