8: Collaborate: Comic ‘Fake It Till You Make It’

Again I collaborated with Oliver Campbell and this time we just both knew we wanted to work on a comic or cartoon of some kind. I am more comfortable with writing and he is more comfortable with drawing so we split the roles accordingly and thought on the concept together.

Our idea was basically about a man named Icarus that flees the city for a life of solitude and nature. He has a respect for nature (SO DOES KIND) but he has to understand the importance of community again and find his way back to respecting people again as well (WOW, COMMUNITY, ANOTHER KIND PILLAR). Please read/look at the comic to have a better understanding, it is pretty self-explanitory. We had a good time coming up with the idea and executing it. We both reflected on how fun and successful it can be to work as a team. We sarcastically dubbed each other with our future roles; Kelsey the Visionary, Oliver the Executioner. Very dramatic.


Fleeing from the sordid city dwellers, Icarus left his 9-5 cubicle and headed to the hills for a life of solitude.  He worked as a quiet lumberjack while his beard grew long, his hands callused and his heart bitter. One day while traversing a lesser-known trail along the hill, he noticed smoke stacks rising from the valley forest. A curiosity came over him and he hiked down to investigate.


As he entered the forest floor he was disoriented by smoke and the sounds of chaos. Woodland creatures were desperately trying to escape the fire and dead bunnies and squirrels were among the ashes


He could hear cackling and voices beyond the billows of smoke and as he peered into the destruction he could make out two figures. A couple of teenagers, coated with leather and spikes, were throwing burning bottles into shrubs, shooting the squirrels and deer with a rifle as they ran out.


Icarus was overcome with despise for the punks and as he started towards them, to try and talk them out of destroying the forest, he heard a loud snapping sound the pair of punks vanished into a fiery pit.  He ran forward to the edge of the abyss, to find the two kids holding onto a ledge several feet down.


Their eyes filled with fear, and seeing this bearded man they called out for help. In that moment Icarus asked himself if it was worth helping the malicious punks and giving the sort of people he originally gave up on a second chance, or to let them burn.


After a moment Icarus decided he wouldn’t be able to live with allowing them to die.  They were too far down for him to reach them, so he had to act fast before they lost their grip.  He pulled out his lumberjack hatchet and chopped off his beard. The beard was his emotional cloak in his life of solitude, and to give it up for these strangers was an enormous sacrifice. But the punks needed his help and he realized he had no other choice.


Icarus quickly fastened the long beard into a rope and dangled it down to the punks reach.  One by one they grabbed on and with all of his might, Icarus pulled them up to safety.


As soon as both boys were safely on their feet a flash of bright light ignited around them and the teenage boys transformed into two stoic beings, floating several feet above the ground, with massive beards and beams of light shooting from their bodies.  All of the fires went out, and the forest was restored to its normal self.  The gods, morphed into men with stoic physique and deep, wise voices. They were the Gods of Kindness in disguise.




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