7: Collaborate: Rebrand

I worked on a collaboration with Oliver Campbell. I think the process of collaborating with a friend gave me a different perspective on how to come up with ideas. First of all, Oliver and I are already friends so the conversation already is off brand, off product and goes into many random topics. This may seem like a bad thing but if we review the tips for creative process from class we know that the best ideas can come from nowhere near the brand or product itself.

So this idea came just days after the start of the government shut down. I have a friend whose dad works in the capital building and when they spoke he told her that mostly congress has just been ordering pizza and arguing. He said if the American people knew how unproductive it had been that they would probably storm the building with pitchforks. So with that in the back of my mind Oliver and I just started bitching about the government in general. We also had just watched a music video called ‘Time To Dance’ and we wondered what it would be like if all of congress was just ordering pizza and dancing around the capital building wasting time. Our conversation sort of tangented itself into eventually us thinking about how the U.S. Government itself has a brand. Then we were wondering what it would be like if America decided to go through a rebranding process and what sort of things would be considered pillars of the new idea. The Kind brand was included in the process because we kept coming up with ideas that would support a healthy and community based country.

How this relates to Kind:

-the company makes a point to create a ‘healthy’ snack and many of our new country ideas were based on healthy people with healthy habits

-the new country would be more conscious of the environment and there would be less stress on the planet and more awareness for people of the world around them (Kind brand definitely emits an idea of being connected to the environment and having less impact on the Earth by having natural ingredients, few ingredients and tastes that are on track with flavors of the Earth)

-the new brand would have a lot more compassion and community effort from all points of view. less selfishness and more togetherness, not only to be productive in an efficient world but also to be more aware of those around you (Kind is all about supporting community involvement and the company sponsors many community development projects and community recreation events)

This is our nuts mind map. Looking back at it now it is crazy to try and retrace the conversation we were having:


These lists are both how we currently view the government and what we would like to see for the new brand:


Oliver also sketched a flag to reflect how the 13 stripes (which are supposed to represent the original colonies) really could just be 13 crappy themes that seem to be running parts of the country


This is the new and improved seal that Oliver sketched. The seal we have now shows the eagle to looks slightly crucified which is ironic considering it is supposed to represent freedom. Our seal involves an eagle in flight. More reminiscent of the way any being should look in an act of freedom.

** I also want to note that the more I consider what the brand of King means I keep thinking ‘free’ in my head. Free of chemicals and crap that you don’t need, free to take with you, ingredients from nature (the place to free your mind), free to inspire kind acts, free to chose the good bar and then maybe you will start doing good things… Kind of confusing right now but just thoughts worth noting**



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