While cleaning my own apartment I was overwhelmed by the fumes of even the very basic ‘household items’ that live under my sink. I am not a germaphob and I never go looking for the most potent way to clean my countertops but it isn’t hard to find something harsh and dangerous. I think KIND would be a good brand to introduce a very simple line of household cleaners that would approach cleaning house more as ‘home care’. They would create and market the products based on elements of nature that are already living in backyards across the world. The company already develops very simple products with a knack for keeping everything very close to the ground. I think a home care line would be very popular especially if their consumers are already into buying products that focus on the less is more mentality.

Some of the products they could create would include: all-natural laundry detergents that include natural scents of the fresh outdoors, safe and harmless dish soaps and cleaners, natural oil based cleaners for alternative surfaces such as wood, glass, tile…

I created a little thing in photoshop that gave the mood I imagined in my head. Very simple and fresh with earthy tones. The window is home and a breeze and warm sunlight are gliding in over the fresh sheets. This is the kind of natural elemental thing many people would like to imagine for their beds when they want to have ‘fresh n clean’ linens:


This is some of where I developed the idea:



13: Kind Simple

During the mind mapping directive I created pie charts trying to figure out what Kind represents which looking back was probably too on brand to generate great ideas which is why I struggled. But one thing I feel certain about is the simplicity of the product. I could literally make a very great interpretation of a Kind bar in my kitchen after taking a trip to Trader Joe’s. Or even Rite Aid for that matter.  I made a graphic to express this and tried to express the ideal of having the simple ingredients of the Nut Delight Kind bar spewed about the graphic. I was NOT trying to make an ad but now looking at it sort of feels that way.

Regardless I am happy with it and I think I expressed my thoughts on the feel of the brand in its simplicity.


12: Raising the Bar Heroes

I was recently writing a thank you letter to a family I stayed with just for their generosity. I think we all thank people not only for doing nice things but for doing things that we feel there need to be more in the world. I think the Kind brand wants to emit a brand that does good not only by using healthy foods or is good for the community but also by supporting things that are good and wholesome as well. I thought of an idea for Kind to run a thank you campaign.

Kind would send out thank you notes to different types of heroes that they felt were ‘ Raising the Bar’. (play on words because its a granola bar! get it? 😉 ) It would be acknowledging different types of heroes.

Heroes Kind could seek out:

-mothers, fathers, big sisters/brothers

-soldiers, police officers, firefighters (more obvious and typical heroes of the community)

-garbage men, teachers, mailmen… (those that keep the community going smoothly)

-heroes in disguise (they made the right decision when they were in the right place at the right time) this could be like those strangers you hear about in the news that saved another stranger or stopped a bully when they were just the bystander or someone that decided to start making changes in their own life and started a chain reaction

-heroes with a cause, advocacy members and grassroots fighters trying to change the community by inspiring movements


This a very simple thank you postcard I imagined Kind sending out with their letters

11: Kinder Race


I ended up meeting a new friend, named Goad, in the compass the other day. Somewhere in the conversation I mentioned our class to him and our Kind Project 54 to him. He mentioned how Kind was a sponsor for Richmond’s Bike Film Festival last year. A series of short films relating to biking and cyclists was shown at the Byrd Theater and there was a race for anyone that wanted to participate. The way the race was set up was that the cyclists all wore backpacks and they had to stop at different stations along the way to get Kind Bars. The first person to reach the stop would get 3. The second person at the stop would get 2. Then all of the cyclists following would get 1. The cyclist with the most Kind bars in their pack at the end won.

Now some people would assume that the speediest cyclist would win, assuming they got to all of the stops first. But what actually happened surprised me and also made me think of the Kind brand in general. The guy that won had completed the circuit backwards. So while the rest of the cyclists were competing to arrive first at stops 1, 2, 3… He had far less competition by begging with the last stop first. I hadn’t even considered this as a way to win but Goad told me that Kind was anticipating and hoping for this. It was a creative way of going against the grain in order to accomplish a goal.

I think this sort of thinking inspires general thinking outside the box and I feel that the Kind brand tries to apply a symbol of ‘difference’ in their products by capitalizing on their use of natural and minimal ingredients in order to attract their consumer. Kind Healthy Snacks goes against the grain in their own way by encompassing many ‘kind’ philosophies, not only in how they conduct their business, but also by trying to attract consumers that do as well.


I think strapping a camera to the winners helmet and then strapping one to the helmet of someone in the more crowded group and having a side by side comparison would make a really great short film or commercial of sorts. It would show the ‘Kind’ winner having a more relaxed and enjoyable ride and of course winning the race doesn’t hurt.


10: Never Will We Ever


I was feeling homesick for my desert backyard of Arizona and thinking about all of the natural worlds elements that one would never want to find in their Kind bar. I decided to list off elements that I felt the Kind Healthy Snacks Brand could pledge never to include in any of their products. These elements are just as relevant to the planet as berries and nuts and honey but they would never get beyond any taste or comfort test.

9: Collaboration: Propaganda

So the entire idea of collaboration brings about the idea of uniting things. When I think of unity I think about the masses in unification. Oliver Campbell and I were discussing the idea of unification over pizza and somehow came to the conclusion that we would create a propaganda campaign. Campaigns have brands. They have pillars which they stake their ideas in and build a way of thinking around it. We felt that if KIND were to create a campaign with a regime their pillars would be all about doing ‘good’ and living healthy in both body and mind. We liked the idea of letting very classic propaganda image be our inspiration for expression. We have created a USSR propaganda style inspired poster. Oliver did the drawing and I drew the word out. The collaboration was interesting for me because I was so scared to do the words. Oliver is comfortable drawing all the time and is good at it. It felt out of my comfort zone but after it was said and done I was proud of myself. The ‘collaboration’ part of this project was a learning experience for me. I am proud of our work (even my inexperienced drawing skills) as well as very happy with our final piece.