9: Collaboration: Propaganda

So the entire idea of collaboration brings about the idea of uniting things. When I think of unity I think about the masses in unification. Oliver Campbell and I were discussing the idea of unification over pizza and somehow came to the conclusion that we would create a propaganda campaign. Campaigns have brands. They have pillars which they stake their ideas in and build a way of thinking around it. We felt that if KIND were to create a campaign with a regime their pillars would be all about doing ‘good’ and living healthy in both body and mind. We liked the idea of letting very classic propaganda image be our inspiration for expression. We have created a USSR propaganda style inspired poster. Oliver did the drawing and I drew the word out. The collaboration was interesting for me because I was so scared to do the words. Oliver is comfortable drawing all the time and is good at it. It felt out of my comfort zone but after it was said and done I was proud of myself. The ‘collaboration’ part of this project was a learning experience for me. I am proud of our work (even my inexperienced drawing skills) as well as very happy with our final piece.



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