11: Kinder Race


I ended up meeting a new friend, named Goad, in the compass the other day. Somewhere in the conversation I mentioned our class to him and our Kind Project 54 to him. He mentioned how Kind was a sponsor for Richmond’s Bike Film Festival last year. A series of short films relating to biking and cyclists was shown at the Byrd Theater and there was a race for anyone that wanted to participate. The way the race was set up was that the cyclists all wore backpacks and they had to stop at different stations along the way to get Kind Bars. The first person to reach the stop would get 3. The second person at the stop would get 2. Then all of the cyclists following would get 1. The cyclist with the most Kind bars in their pack at the end won.

Now some people would assume that the speediest cyclist would win, assuming they got to all of the stops first. But what actually happened surprised me and also made me think of the Kind brand in general. The guy that won had completed the circuit backwards. So while the rest of the cyclists were competing to arrive first at stops 1, 2, 3… He had far less competition by begging with the last stop first. I hadn’t even considered this as a way to win but Goad told me that Kind was anticipating and hoping for this. It was a creative way of going against the grain in order to accomplish a goal.

I think this sort of thinking inspires general thinking outside the box and I feel that the Kind brand tries to apply a symbol of ‘difference’ in their products by capitalizing on their use of natural and minimal ingredients in order to attract their consumer. Kind Healthy Snacks goes against the grain in their own way by encompassing many ‘kind’ philosophies, not only in how they conduct their business, but also by trying to attract consumers that do as well.


I think strapping a camera to the winners helmet and then strapping one to the helmet of someone in the more crowded group and having a side by side comparison would make a really great short film or commercial of sorts. It would show the ‘Kind’ winner having a more relaxed and enjoyable ride and of course winning the race doesn’t hurt.



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