12: Raising the Bar Heroes

I was recently writing a thank you letter to a family I stayed with just for their generosity. I think we all thank people not only for doing nice things but for doing things that we feel there need to be more in the world. I think the Kind brand wants to emit a brand that does good not only by using healthy foods or is good for the community but also by supporting things that are good and wholesome as well. I thought of an idea for Kind to run a thank you campaign.

Kind would send out thank you notes to different types of heroes that they felt were ‘ Raising the Bar’. (play on words because its a granola bar! get it? 😉 ) It would be acknowledging different types of heroes.

Heroes Kind could seek out:

-mothers, fathers, big sisters/brothers

-soldiers, police officers, firefighters (more obvious and typical heroes of the community)

-garbage men, teachers, mailmen… (those that keep the community going smoothly)

-heroes in disguise (they made the right decision when they were in the right place at the right time) this could be like those strangers you hear about in the news that saved another stranger or stopped a bully when they were just the bystander or someone that decided to start making changes in their own life and started a chain reaction

-heroes with a cause, advocacy members and grassroots fighters trying to change the community by inspiring movements


This a very simple thank you postcard I imagined Kind sending out with their letters


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