While cleaning my own apartment I was overwhelmed by the fumes of even the very basic ‘household items’ that live under my sink. I am not a germaphob and I never go looking for the most potent way to clean my countertops but it isn’t hard to find something harsh and dangerous. I think KIND would be a good brand to introduce a very simple line of household cleaners that would approach cleaning house more as ‘home care’. They would create and market the products based on elements of nature that are already living in backyards across the world. The company already develops very simple products with a knack for keeping everything very close to the ground. I think a home care line would be very popular especially if their consumers are already into buying products that focus on the less is more mentality.

Some of the products they could create would include: all-natural laundry detergents that include natural scents of the fresh outdoors, safe and harmless dish soaps and cleaners, natural oil based cleaners for alternative surfaces such as wood, glass, tile…

I created a little thing in photoshop that gave the mood I imagined in my head. Very simple and fresh with earthy tones. The window is home and a breeze and warm sunlight are gliding in over the fresh sheets. This is the kind of natural elemental thing many people would like to imagine for their beds when they want to have ‘fresh n clean’ linens:


This is some of where I developed the idea:



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