15: Kind Cosmetics



As someone that wears make up it can feel really risky to put things on your face that have tons of unpronounceable chemicals in it. Some products cause allergic reactions (even when you may look ‘glowing’ for one night) and the user is left waking up to blotchy irritated skin. Most of these reactions are due to the harsh ingredients in cosmetics. Although some are harmless at first, overtime the unnatural products applied to skin, our largest organ, overtime can wreak havoc on the face. 

Skin reactions are not the only issue with most cosmetics; the waste produced the production and tossing of these products have real effects on the environment. In June 2013, the Marine Pollution Bulletin found that a large portion of recent waste in the Great Lakes was caused by waste from cosmetics. Tiny plastic particles found in many cosmetics build up and create toxic clumps in freshwater ecosystems. 

With all of that being said I came up with an idea of Kind Healthy Cosmetics. We often forget that our skin is a living organ. It absorbs and rejects what we feed it just as our digestive systems. Kind already wants to present itself as a healthy alternative to other things we can consume. Cosmetics should be given just as much consideration when deciding what we will ‘feed’ our skin.

link to study about the Great Lakes: http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Regulation-Safety/Cosmetics-waste-blamed-for-Great-Lakes-pollution




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