16: Women of the World


As a woman, Kind is more up my alley than some other granola bars. Not necessarily in terms of taste but because it isn’t marketed as some intense manly man granola bar. Some bars *cough* cliff bars *cough* are branding based on that outdoorsman and adventurer man. Granola isn’t sexist but products can be. Kind Healthy Snacks should run a campaign embracing and inviting women to enjoy their bars as whatever kind of woman they are. Not only the ones that are out climbing mountains but also the ones that are having their adventures in everyday life. 

People like to share things. They like to be seen. I think if Kind invited women to share their moments being out in the community and empowering themselves it would go far. Allowing women to be recognized for being themselves is never a bad idea. 

I collected pictures of my girlfriends and collaged them together and created the hashtag #kindwomen as a generic way to that Kind collect them through social media. 


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