17: Kind Classrooms

As someone with two young nephews and many babysitting gigs throughout the years and growing up in a family with 6 kids I know first hand that being a kid is an endless adventure. Life feels skewed between whatever fantasy your imagination allows and whatever is going on in reality around you. I think it would be cool if Kind sponsored different lesson plans centered around getting kids outdoors and using their imaginations to adventure and lead kind childhoods.

Points the Kind would promote to ‘Kind Kids’:

-Get Outside: turn off the electronics and climb a tree, play manhunt, build a fort, get dirty, use your imagination

-Snack Healthy: eat yummy healthy foods to fuel healthy bodies and minds capable of adventure

-Respect Your Mother (Earth): the outdoors are the ultimate playground. Take care of the trees and lakes around us in order to keep them stomping grounds for generations to come

-Be Kind To Others: teams are great but at the end of the day we all play on the same one

-Have Adventures: Seize the day, be a kid, have fun, use your imagination



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