21: Small steps

Over the summer I was lucky enough to go backpacking through Thailand. Southeast Asia is a completely different world. The country mainly practices buddhism and that plays a large role in how they respect each other and the earth. Although there are many stereotypes about places like Bangkok that are all trouble, I found myself in Northern Thailand staying with a hill tribe in exchange for helping out with some labor as they made changes in their village. The monk in the village told us in broken english about Karma. Karma, he said, was in all things. If he goes and takes a tree from the jungle, he has to replace it with another living thing in order to balance it out. The people rely almost entirely on the resources of the jungle. Shelter, food, supplies, medicine and livelihood all grow from the Earth. The relationship the villagers have is sacred and deeply respectful.

When I think about how different things are between how we treat the Earth in the this country and our consumption patterns, versus those I met abroad, it doesn’t even feel like the same planet. I think small steps in the direction of respecting the Earth are important and are choices for us to make on our own. We must be more conscious of what we use and where it comes from and how we use it and where the remaining pieces end up. Kind Healthy Snacks is still consumption and is still a product but the company is taking those small steps. The ingredients are closer to the ground and the company is more conscious of their practices than most.


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