Everytime I am at the VCU library I get a little stumped when I go to throw something away. We have two bins, one blue, on gray. The blue has a sticker that says ‘ALL IN ONE’ but then it says its only recyclables and then it says no liquids or foods… So which is it? Then we come to the gray bin which says it is only food and organic collection but pictures trash and empty food containers as well… So which is it Cabell? 


I think recycling versus just throwing everything away is really important and for us being such a powerful country we are a wee bit behind in how often we do it and although we can mostly recycle 1/2/3 we have few places to recycle 4/5/6/7. We also are the last ones to compost. So much food goes to waste each year in this country while people all over the world (Including millions in our own country are food insecure and go to bed hungry).

I think teaching the value of food and resources is very important. I think Kind should introduce and sponsor better recycling selections and compost bins around the country starting with college campuses. This is a hefty project but would support them supporting the environment and the community and it is simply a healthier way to live when you are more aware of your own consumption patterns. 


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