22: Kind Cliche


My dad always says the same thing when we say goodbye.

Be a good soul and don’t take any wooden nickels.

He means to tell me that I need to be kind when I head out into the world, wherever I am going but also not to get taken advantage of. Being a good or kind soul is such a cliche. ‘Be Nice’. That is literally one of the most overused phrases in probably any language. But cliches get their reputations for a reason. It is good to be good. It comes back to you, it goes far away from you in chain reactions, it makes the world a better place(another cliche). I think although it is a really generic thing to tell someone to be kind, I think Kind healthy snacks are unique because they have an adjective as their brand name. Cliff, Nature Valley, Lara, Luna… Other commons granola bars with similar approaches to the whole outside thing. But Kind used not a name or element of nature. Instead, they used an adjective and tried to create a product that encompassed all that it was.

Kind is cliche but it is cliche for a good reason. It is good to be good and no company wants to be marketed as bad.


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