26: Ventureship

Lots of companies give scholarships or fellowships to students mainly to study something the company is involved with or just to really smart kids. The thirst for knowledge is important but what about the thirst for adventure? Not all adventurers are just out to cross off another item on their bucket list. Many people with a heart for vagabonding on the open road are out there simply to be open and useful to the world. Traveling isn’t all about leisure and relaxation. Contributing to something while you are on any kind of trip give the experience a completely different feel. 

Kind should start a ‘Ventureship’ opportunity for people wanting to discover and change the world. It can be hard to come up with the funds to travel to even the poorest of countries and being useful with your own two hands is ALWAYS helpful but having additional funding to provide resources to the project creates a more sustainable outcome. 

Outside of organizations like Doctors without borders and the Peace Corps there are few large entities willing to just send people to remote parts of the world to have an adventure but what is life without passion? Being able to go on some sort of quest without having a clear goal in mind costs money. If Kind offered to send people of any age and situation to these places and trusted them to have an adventure as well as go do something truly meaningful with their time, the results could bring out the beauty of human nature. Compassion is a chain reaction. Compassion itself is a sort of passion, the kind that feels unignored and prompts a reaction. Yes, money is a secular thing, but it may just be that one resource to follow through with whatever compassion filled adventure any ordinary person has. 



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