27: Kind and the Royal Project

If you check out their website, Kind already allows for a lot of fundraising and is involved with community projects. One That I think would really go hand in hand with their philosophies is the Thai Royal Project. The King of Thailand started an initiative to change the way the hill tribes function. The idea is to teach the people in rural areas sustainable and organic farming techniques and to start them off with enough resources to start growing cash crops that can be sold at market. Many of the first large plantations that were funded used to be part of the Golden Triangle which means they used to harvest opiates illegally. 

The new vegetables and natural resources that are farmed are much more lucrative but the livelihood of these farming families is not threatened. Other organizations have gotten onboard to help keep it a successful process and it has acted as an example for countries around southeast asia. I became friends with a few Peace Corps workers that were working for the Royal Project Foundation on a coffee plantation in the mountains near Burma (previously part of the Golden Triangle). The entire village changed after salvation of the resources to be more sustainable. The village has more tourism coming through and of the coffee they produce is sold at market in Chiang Mai (about 2 hours down in the valley). 

Kind should consider funding the Royal Project because it is good for the environment to create sustainable and organic farming habits whether it is near or far. It would be cool if Kind could even buy some of their ingredients through the project. 

Here are some pictures from the plantation I visited:



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