ImageImageThese were from my idea notebook. One day in one of my classes I was just daydreaming and somehow just thought about minimalism having to do with kind. Then ‘bare minimum’ leading to ‘bear minimum’ came into my head. Then I thought it would be funny to see a scene of a bear acting like a human having a craving for a Kind bar and having to go to a human campground to find one. The bear I imagined would be awkward and not realize how big and clunky he is and just be clumsily tearing down tents and clothes lines and knocking over things and people would be screaming because its a bear. He would finally see a Kind bear in the console of some Outback but he cant get to it and him trying to be polite would call out to a the people in the tent (he talks). The people at first would think it was another human and emerge from the tent but then stand with their eyes huge and confused and jaws dropped just staring at him. The bear would politely as for the Kind bar and the guy would just slowly reach into his pocket and unlock the car with the remote. The bear would then get it and just eat it in bliss because it was all he really wanted.



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