30: We are saving your adventures



I was thinking about the ‘adventures’ I used to have as a kid and how although I spent way too much time inside being around technology, the best memories I have of being a kid took place outside. It really is important to keep the outdoors thriving and protected so it we can continue to have these adventures as we grow old and pass them down to generations to come. 

Kind is conscious of their impact on the environment and that is noteworthy. In the notes I took on this idea I was remembering all of those memories and how I really live out the same adventures just in a 21 year old version of myself. But the setting is the same. Keeping that setting safe is key. 

In the little thing I created it shows a little girl climbing a tree with a big smile on her face, lost in her own world. The other picture is of an older girl (me) on top of sentinel dome in Yosemite, with an equally large smaller on her face, lost in her own world. 


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