32: If Kind Were a Family

If Kind were a family they would be the cool kind of family. The one that takes vacations to National Parks all over the world each year around the holidays instead of buying each other gifts because they rather have an experience than things. There is a dad and a mom and two kids. The mom volunteers a lot around there town in Northern California. She can often be found in the garden. The dad is works at a nearby apple orchard. He always has a beard and does mr. fix it tasks for lots of people around town. Their son is tall and slender and loves is a little more studious and put together than the younger daughter. She is a little more scatterbrained in a creative sense. 

Together they all grow their own vegetables and spend lots of time outside. When the kids were younger they built tree houses and always came home dirty from building mudpies. They always recycle and reuse everything they can. They preserve and dry fruits and like to cook with simple recipes. 

Their house is solar powered and they only ride bikes. 


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