If KIND the brand were interviewing me, these are the questions I would imagine they ask (and my responses)

-What is your favorite product of ours? The Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Plus Protein of course 

-What is your favorite outdoor setting? Big Sur, California (the best of the rugged wilderness with large redwoods juxtaposed against the Pacific Ocean. Some of the trees on the cliff edges are hundreds of years old and have grown twisty and leaning from the sea wind)

-What is the best adventure you have been on? (so far) Backpacking through Thailand over the summer. Jungle trekking teaches you a lot about bug spray, malaria, wise old Thai men and of course the natural wonder of Southeast Asia

-What is your favorite snack? (don’t say a Kind bar) dried cranberries and greek yogurt with a little honey and maybe some ground flaxseed. YUM

-In what ways do you think you help the community? To be completely honest I am a very busy girl but I know I could be doing more. The latest project I have helped out with is project W.A.R.M. which is a deliver service of firewood to people around Richmond and surrounding areas that are generally low income families that can’t even afford it or are unable to go out and get it themselves due to disabilities 

-How would you contribute to KIND? Well for starters I have an entire blog about your brand! But I think I am part of the type of person that would be buying Kind in the first place. I care about what goes into my food. I appreciate simplicity and healthy ingredients. I also love the outdoors and take note of your company being conscious of the impact your products have. 



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