44: Bucket list

A long time ago I used to eat Yoplait yogurt. I don’t know why I ever stopped but I remember they used to have little things on the underside of the tops. I think they might have been little messages you could write to your mother or something. ANYWAYS I think that Kind should have people do something similar. 

We may not be ‘bucket listers’ but we all have dreams or things we want to do that seem further off in the future and hard to get to. They are little adventures we would love to see ourselves going on. Kind should invite people to send it things on their bucket list and print them on each wrapper. 

One way to connect with people buying the product is to ask them about themselves. It is a little hard to go door to do but really the idea is just to get people thinking about something they want to share about themselves. Bucket lists vary from person to person and the reasons behind them will surprise you. Giving people the spotlight to share something like that is a good way to get them thinking about getting it checked off the list. They may even grab a Kind bar for the road. 


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