Food deserts are areas mainly in inner cities with impoverished populations that lack fresh and healthy food. Many people in these areas are able to get food but it has to be cheap due to their low incomes and is usually processed. The calories are high and the cost is low and the nutrition levels are low. For more fortunate families they are able to pay more for more nutritious produce. 

Food deserts are a growing problem in the United States. Some food banks are trying to focus more on how to get donations of fresh produce and healthy options for the people that depend on them for meals. 

Kind should help with this issue by partnering with farms to help a system of volunteers to grow food for the sole purpose of being donated to areas that would otherwise not receive healthy food. Shalom farms in Goochland, VA does this. They rely on volunteers and everything they grow is donated to inner city Richmond. 

Kind should also sponsor projects that teach people how to grow their own food. It is empowering and the product is much healthier than anything a corner market could give to a family in need.


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