49: When you change tribes, the tribe changes you

Play this first, it wasnt a random song selection, read on and you will see why

“Kind is about community”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. When I came to curiousness I didn’t expect it to be such a community. Something about the way Scott and Will feed off of each other’s energy and then give that same energy back to the class everyday just gave it a different feel than every other class I have taken.

Graham and Oliver are my two friends in the class. We all met last semester in our intro to mass comm class but you wouldn’t know we have known each other less than a year if you ever hang out with us. Something about the daunting project 54 (which I have still not completed) brought us together. We hang out almost everyday like high school girls and text each other constantly about funny things or all the bullshit life throws.

We decided I am the Visionary, Oliver is the execution and Graham is the Tiny Dancer (complete with drunkenly singing the Elton John song on floyd one night).  We all spend most of our time laughing and the rest of the time having conversations I wouldn’t feel comfortable having with most people. The openness of the class translated into openness with each other. With Curiousness ending it feels like the end of an era, but I can say with no doubt that this tripod isn’t going anywhere.

This little tripod never would have happened without curiousness. It brought out the most kind part of all of us and that is friendship. It changed me in an unexpected way, entering into this tribe of a class. A quote it reminds me of is from some movie I don’t remember:

When you change tribes, the tribe changes you.

This is us at the beginning of the semester:


This is us on Halloween. Oliver and I are Wayne and Garth, Graham is a pile of Laundry


and this is us at a medieval party:


thank you scott and will for facilitating us. we hope we make you proud


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