About Kelsey

Kelsey Gesbeck, 20, from out west

Welcome to my Curiousness blog! Im a Junior at VCU studying both Urban and Regional Studies and Mass Communications. I have no real plans for that duo.

I spent the summer in Yosemite, San Francisco and then backpacked for a month in Thailand.  It was exceptional right up until I returned to my too expensive fan apartment; broke, unemployed and with a thirst for more travel.

I hope this class helps cure me of a little creative procrastination I harbor, it already feels like project runway. Among other goals this semester I want to keep my house plants thriving, try new mediums for the projects, cook more and attend the 6:30 am yoga classes at the gym.

This is the last creative thing I made:

Yosemite shenanigans

Yosemite shenanigans

living at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand

Staying at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand

An image of me in Richmond

How I am in Richmond

My dog, Bailey

My dog, Bailey

my point of view

My point of view

My cat, Ben Franklin

My cat, Ben Franklin


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