If KIND the brand were interviewing me, these are the questions I would imagine they ask (and my responses)

-What is your favorite product of ours? The Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Plus Protein of course 

-What is your favorite outdoor setting? Big Sur, California (the best of the rugged wilderness with large redwoods juxtaposed against the Pacific Ocean. Some of the trees on the cliff edges are hundreds of years old and have grown twisty and leaning from the sea wind)

-What is the best adventure you have been on? (so far) Backpacking through Thailand over the summer. Jungle trekking teaches you a lot about bug spray, malaria, wise old Thai men and of course the natural wonder of Southeast Asia

-What is your favorite snack? (don’t say a Kind bar) dried cranberries and greek yogurt with a little honey and maybe some ground flaxseed. YUM

-In what ways do you think you help the community? To be completely honest I am a very busy girl but I know I could be doing more. The latest project I have helped out with is project W.A.R.M. which is a deliver service of firewood to people around Richmond and surrounding areas that are generally low income families that can’t even afford it or are unable to go out and get it themselves due to disabilities 

-How would you contribute to KIND? Well for starters I have an entire blog about your brand! But I think I am part of the type of person that would be buying Kind in the first place. I care about what goes into my food. I appreciate simplicity and healthy ingredients. I also love the outdoors and take note of your company being conscious of the impact your products have. 



38: Boy Scouts go for the Kind Patch

I collaborated with Dustin and Oliver from class one day and we somehow got onto thinking about boy scouts. Boy Scouts are little mountaineers in the making. Most of them have their ‘den’ and go through different things with said den and receive patches or pins in return as a way of saying they ‘conquered’ a task. The tasks often involve things like camping or tying knots or outdoor and survival skills. 

We decided to make a task list for them to complete so they could earn a Kind pin. 

This is what we came up with:


36: Kindlife

In the age of technology it is important to reach people on different platforms. One way Kind could reach out is through Kindlife, an app I made for smart phones.

Many companies already have fitness apps that allow the user to log work outs and food. Kindlife has that but it isn’t the main focus. It is more of a lifestyle app.








*the app uses location of the user to find the parks and routes along with a calendar of events to get involved and volunteer with their community



35: 555-KIND

This semester has been quite a roller coaster for me. A lot of people can relate but that is life.  That is what I keep telling myself. Each time something happens and it feels like the rug is pulled out from my 21 year old feet. I feel like such a kid most of the time doubting my abilities and second guessing where I am going. Of course there are always silver linings and I am thankful for where I am and I wouldn’t change a thing but I also feel like I wouldn’t have been able to get through some situations without Kind words. They come in songs or in seeing something written somewhere that feels like it was just written for me. Sometimes someone will say something I really need to hear even if they weren’t even trying to. 

I think in being good for the community Kind should start a hotline for people that just need Kind words and want to talk. It would be anonymous and free. This is no granola bar or anything but the Kind brand supports doing the right thing and being good for the community. How good can a community be if all of it’s parts are broken up over things they can’t get passed. 

To share something is to let a little bit of it go, whether it be good or bad. Being their for each other is good. 


34: Kind Bar

Sweet frogs and frozen yogurt shops are popping up ALL OVER THE PLACE. Apparently it’s a really trendy thing to be able to serve yourself frozen yogurt from a machine and spoon bits of candy on it. 

I thought of the idea to have a Kind Bar. Not a Kind bar like the granola but the bar like a bar you can walk through like a fro-yo shop and make up for yourself. You can pick your nuts or seeds then your berries and dried fruits and then even choose a sweetener like honey or dark chocolate to add in. Once you create the bar of your dreams you can have it mushed together into a park or have it all clustered together like granola and put into yogurt or have it as is. 


33: Squirrels Mac Hard

I recently saw a twitter feed of a friend that was filled with a play-by-play of her being hit on by a guy she clearly wasn’t interested in. He wouldn’t stop and was using cheesy pick-up lines which made the whole situation a little comical. 

I made a twitterfeed for a Kind bar that keeps being hit on by squirrels trying to ‘get in their wrapper’. 



32: If Kind Were a Family

If Kind were a family they would be the cool kind of family. The one that takes vacations to National Parks all over the world each year around the holidays instead of buying each other gifts because they rather have an experience than things. There is a dad and a mom and two kids. The mom volunteers a lot around there town in Northern California. She can often be found in the garden. The dad is works at a nearby apple orchard. He always has a beard and does mr. fix it tasks for lots of people around town. Their son is tall and slender and loves is a little more studious and put together than the younger daughter. She is a little more scatterbrained in a creative sense. 

Together they all grow their own vegetables and spend lots of time outside. When the kids were younger they built tree houses and always came home dirty from building mudpies. They always recycle and reuse everything they can. They preserve and dry fruits and like to cook with simple recipes. 

Their house is solar powered and they only ride bikes. 

30: We are saving your adventures



I was thinking about the ‘adventures’ I used to have as a kid and how although I spent way too much time inside being around technology, the best memories I have of being a kid took place outside. It really is important to keep the outdoors thriving and protected so it we can continue to have these adventures as we grow old and pass them down to generations to come. 

Kind is conscious of their impact on the environment and that is noteworthy. In the notes I took on this idea I was remembering all of those memories and how I really live out the same adventures just in a 21 year old version of myself. But the setting is the same. Keeping that setting safe is key. 

In the little thing I created it shows a little girl climbing a tree with a big smile on her face, lost in her own world. The other picture is of an older girl (me) on top of sentinel dome in Yosemite, with an equally large smaller on her face, lost in her own world.